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stargate_leap's Journal

The Stargate / Quantum Leap Crossover Community
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The Quantum Leap / Stargate Crossover Ficathon

Because really, it's just too intriguing of a concept not to do it.


Sign Ups Close: September 10, 2006
Assignments Go Out: September 17, 2006
Last Day to Withdraw: October 15, 2006
Assignments Due: November 25, 2006
Authors Revealed: December 2, 2006

Caveat: We require everyone who joins to have a beta-reader; it's not that we don't trust your sense of Spelling/Grammar/Plot Continuity, but a second pair of eyes will always catch things you'll wish you'd noticed before you posted.

If I haven't scared you off, swing by our Information Post, make sure you can stomach our requirements, and sign up. We'd love to have you!